Why Goat Milk?

In a market where there are soaps created from literally any product foundation you can think of, this is indeed the question when a brand builds their empire on a platform of one ingredient, but this means that they believe in it. So here is a quick breakdown as to why goat milk is the trend that deserves to keep on trending. There are so many studies for as to how goat milk can help the body both internally and externally. Goat milk will naturally have a huge impact once ingested, for it is absorbing into your system to do its best work, but by using a skin care regimen that includes goat milk as an ingredient, you are applying this ingredient directly onto the largest organ of your body.

Goat milk is high in selenium, higher than bovine (cow) milk, which assists in lowering inflammation.

While it’s best known as an antioxidant, this essential mineral is a component of more than two dozen proteins that influence reproduction, the making of DNA, thyroid function and immune response,” (CanyonRanch). This is particularly helpful as an ingredient in skin care, for the skin comes in contact with harmful and toxic substances and pollutants in the air that can cause irritation and inflammation that may be further aggravated by over the counter, human-made products. It works towards fighting against and neutralizing free radicals, which can potentially lead to lowering chances of skin cancers.

Organic goat milk works to cleanse and soothe the skin to work against and reverse the damage done during the day. It is a creamier, less harsh base for soaps, which helps to cleanse the skin, rather than stripping it of natural oils. The stripping of skin can lead to the overproduction of oil, that in turn leads to acne, dryness and irritation, and peeling. If we are talking about the appearance of youth and the expectation of looking as such for as long as possible, the more hydrated and supple the skin, the more “youthful” it appears, but I prefer to call it ‘healthy’. The hydration element is naturally in goat milk and is further enhanced by other ingredients in The Bubbling Goat products, such as organic coconut oil and shea butter. Goat milk is in each and every product created by The Bubbling Goat, because the care of your skin is so important.